CM Protégé PharmD System

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As the number of poorly water-soluble drug candidates has risen, solid form screening has become an essential part of drug development. Due to the large number of parameters that must be studied to identify the solid form with the best physical, chemical, and biopharmaceutical characteristics, manual experimentation is too labor-intensive and consumes too much time and materials. Freeslate’s CM Protégé PharmD System is an automated platform for high throughput solid form screening. The system performs high throughput polymorph, salt, and co-crystal screens of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API).

Based on technologies from our market-leading CM3, the deck of the CM Protégé PharmD System has a Heating/Stirring Station and a Heating/Cooling/Stirring Station, each with three heating zones to precisely control the temperature of your solid form experiment while mixing. Solutions are transferred and filtered using the system’s unique Heated 4-Tip Liquid Dispenser and Heated Filter Block. Both can be heated up to 120 °C, allowing transfer and filtration of saturated solutions at elevated temperatures without the risk of API precipitation. The CM Protégé PharmD System uses Freeslate’s proprietary Crystallization Assembly with Universal Substrate. Solid forms can be analyzed by birefringence, x-ray powder diffraction, and Raman spectroscopy directly from the glass Universal Substrate without any manual manipulation of fragile crystals. Other analyses and additional experiments such as solid form stability, can also be conducted directly on the glass Universal Substrate. The CM Protégé PharmD System uses Freeslate’s Lab Execution and Analysis (LEA) software for library design, protocol development/execution, data analysis, and reporting. Using LEA, diverse composition and process conditions are easily defined using a recipe oriented approach, and these experimental conditions can be linked to analytical data for easy viewing and reporting. With the CM Protégé PharmD System, preformulation scientists can evaluate up to 384 solid form conditions with approximately 1 g of API in a single run, allowing the examination of a larger experimental space and the rapid identification of the best form for further development.

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